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“Life isn’t easy. It sure as hell isn’t fair, but it has the potential to be beautiful beyond anything you can imagine…” These are the words that Asheville, NC musician, Colby Deitz lives his life by. “Growing up is never easy for anyone. Some people have it worse than others, but it’s not easy for anyone. We all have our demons, our needs, our wants, and our unique perception of the world around us.” Deitz believes that one of the few things that make us blind to these differences, is music.

It was no surprise that Deitz would find his way into music; even from an early age. His mother would tell him he could often sing and hum songs almost perfectly; before he could even talk. “Music isn’t just noise coming out of speakers and across the airwaves, music is a very physical presence that lives inside of me; It’s a part of me. It’s really how I communicate best.”

Deitz spent most of his adolescent and teenage years learning how to get the music that was inside of him, out. He would learn guitar, bass, piano, drums, and most importantly, how to sing. At age 14, Deitz auditioned for the worship team at a local church in hopes of playing music in front of people; and not just in a room by himself. He made the cut, and was no longer standing in front of his mirror with a guitar; dreaming of playing for people…he was doing it. By age 17 he was leading the band every Sunday and by 19, was added to the church’s staff as the worship pastor.

When Deitz started college, he would take another step closer to his dream. Some of his childhood/high school friends convinced him to start a band with them. In 2013, Colby and his friends started Mangas Colorado. Mangas Colorado was a 4 piece Folk/Americana/Singer-Songwriter group that was Deitz’s first glimpse into the real “music industry”. Touring with a band became too difficult with all of his other responsibilities (school, church, etc), so he would have to choose one of the three… He chose to stay on the road playing music. They did so for 3 years. “Nothing in life worth doing is easy. It’s almost always scary… or at least for me it has been.” In 2016 Mangas was beginning to fade due to college, family, and other career choices for the other members. Deitz had to choose again… go back to school, or start his own band. Again, he chose music.

In late 2016, Colby decided that he would start Colby Deitz Band. His experience with Mangas gave him the tools he needed to start his journey. He played 100+ shows per year, and hit over 1 Million streams on Spotify. He had opened for Grammy-Winning artists, played for thousands and honed his songwriting abilities. He was ready. Not long into his new venture with his new band, he caught the eye of Talent Manager, Jennifer McMahan. Joined by her husband, Chonzie, (J/C Entertainment) signed Colby and became his managers. He reluctantly signed and things began to immediately align; as if it were destiny all along. “Signing with J/C Entertainment was the moment that things changed for me. Not only was I given the tools I needed to actualize my dreams, but I received some very foreign things to me… like an amazing support system, counseling, business management, an extra set of hands and brains to help process. However, I was also able to find myself and make some great new friendships. It saved me and my musical career. I could finally focus on the thing that was most important; the music.” Most everyone in the industry knows how crucial it is for the artist to focus on their art. It’s the whole point of the industry... Keep the artist stimulated so that money can be generated. “Anyone who understands business, understands that. I’m lucky enough to be supported by my business partners so I don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. It’s harsh, but it’s true. The only thing I can do is write music that comes directly from my life experience. Let it be therapy. Let it work me through what I’m going through, and maybe; just maybe someone needed to hear it. Our whole lives are chance. Everything is chance, but really that’s all someone needs to make a difference; the right chance.”

It might just be that Deitz has found himself in music. “Something just seemed to start bursting out of me at shows. It’s almost like a different person shows up on stage. That person wants to be (and really is) the front man; which leaves me to focus on singing, which is where I feel most comfortable.” It’s also where he shines. This kid can really sing. He has a voice that takes you completely hostage. It’s big, it’s loud, and its surprisingly beautiful... it’s just there. Sometimes it makes the whole room go quiet. You simply have to hear it for yourself. Colby Deitz Band released the “Revival” EP in 2016, and have since (2018) released 2 singles. “Roots” and “Sad Songs”.

As 2019 approaches Colby plans to release a full-length LP. “This will be my first, full-length, solo record. That’s kinda scary, but I have the best band in the entire world. These guys work so hard and most of them are so talented, I’m almost timid to pick up an instrument. So, I have no doubt it’ll be exactly what I want it to be.” Backed by a band as good as any out there, Colby and his team are in a position that requires another decision; there’s no going back now. But, as history shows, music is never the 2nd choice.

Colby Deitz Band should be on your list of bands to see in 2019. They have a spectacular, high-energy set; fronted by one of the best entertainers of this generation, who has honed his voice for the road and records alike. They deliver songs from the gut, and leave everything on stage. “Really, we are just on stage performing because it’s therapy for us. It’s our release from life. We want people from the audience to feel it; so how can you make someone feel something, if you’re not feeling it?”

Do yourself a favor… Go see these guys.


Photos by: Ben Joyner/Asheville, NC

Wayne Ebinger/Waynesville, NC

Libby Gamble/Asheville, NC

Live Show photos: Jennifer McMahan

Cover Art by: Joshua Marc levy/Asheville art family